DIY Help Guides

How to measure for gatesMeasure for a Single Garden Gate

Using Existing Posts
1. Measure your gap between posts.
2. Simply take 10 – 15mm off depending on how tight you would like the fit. E.g. 1000mm gap – 10mm (hinge & latch allowance, 5mm each side) = 990mm Gate Size.

Wall to Wall Gap

1. Measure between walls. E.g. Gap measures 1000mm
2. Decide on size post/wall rail. E.g. 47mm x 100mm wall rails
3. Take your gap measurement and minus x2 wall rails. E.g. Gap 1000mm – 47mm – 47mm (wall rails) = 906mm
4. Apply first rule by taking off 10 – 15mm for hing and latch allowance. E.g. 906mm – 10mm = 895mmc (rounded down to nearest 5mm)

Measure for a Pair of Gates

1. Measure gap of where gates and posts are to be installed within. E.g. Measured gap = 2730mm
2. Decide on size posts / Wall rails. E.g. Using a 150mm x 150mm gate post.
3. Take your gap measurement and minus x2 gate posts. E.g. Gap is 2730mm – 150mm – 150mm (gate posts) = 2430mm
4. You now need to take of your hinge and latch allowance. We recommend 30mm to allow for expansion when wet. E.g. 2430mm – 30mm (allowance) = 2400mm pair of gates or 1200mm wide each leaf.

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