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How To Repair a Broken Fence Post

Changing a rotten fence post or post broken by the wind can be a challenging and daunting task. Dependent of how much concrete was used to secure the fence post in the first place, this is a job that can take hours and hours while trying to break around all the existing concerete before your broken post can be pulled out of the ground and new one put in place.

Broken Fence Post Solution

Concrete repiar spurs have been used in the fencing industry for quite some time but often overlooked. The concrete spur makes easy work of repairing the post. In doing so, the life of the post is increased now that concrete spur is in contact with the soil and not the timber.

How To Repair Post using a Concrete Repair Spur. *Now selling galvanised steel repair spur. Lighter, stronger and easier to install**

  • Go to the frameside of your fence where the post is visible. Simply dig down straight along the back of your broken fence post. Ideally, try to achieve 2ft depth for a strong finish.
  • Then simply drop your concrete repair spur down the whole flush against the fence post. Prop your fence up straight to the position you want to achieve. Now pre-drill and fix your concrete spur to your borken post using 150mm coach screws or preferred fixings.
  • Now use 1 bag of corse postmix, pour into the hole and add water. You can then fill the rest of the hole with any spoil taken out of the ground previously.
  • Tamper the ground firmly ensuring the post feels solid and let the concrete set. Normally hard within 10-15 minutes with most brands. Job’s now complete with as little work as possible.
Galvanised steel post repair spur
How to repair a broken post using a concrete repair spur.

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Broken Post Repair Spur
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